Search for Me


Search for Me


“I have wandered off like a lost sheep; Search for me, for I have not forgotten Your law.”

I felt kinda sad when I read this today. God pointed it out for a reason. Over the years, I have prayed for backsliders; prayed for people who leave our ministry offended. I seldom see them again. They don’t return very often. It gives one the impression that they don’t want God.

However, according to this word, it seems that they desire to be found … they still have His word in their hearts. That gives me hope in my prayers for them.

On the other side, I have encountered people who have walked away from God. They once were active in church, but wandered away. Some even allowed me to pray for them. I’m now aware that they are longing to be found by the Father.

Remember that in your prayers. The devil wants you to believe that they don’t want the Lord anymore. … not so. They are lost and long to be found.