You Will Say the Old Tastes Better


You Will Say the Old Tastes Better


Jesus is describing the tendency we have toward complacency. He likens it to wine tasting. People don’t like switching brands, even though the old brand can use some improvement. People may even have complained about the old and desired something new. In spiritual matters it is also true. Historically the church sees problems in the earth: sin, famine, war, pestilence.

We pray for change … revival we call it. God hears us and sends new songs, and new people to sing them. “This can’t be the answer,” we say in protest. “This doesn’t sound like God,” yet it is. God wants to use old and new, but more often than not, the old refuse to change and accept the new wine. Don’t be an old wineskin who explodes and rejects what God is doing and whom He is using. You have the capacity to stretch to accommodate the new thing that you prayed for. God is doing great and mighty things that we know not.

Let Him have His way.