You Won’t Find What You’re Looking For


You Won’t Find What You’re Looking For


As long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest… When we pray, we have something in mind that we desire. Whatever we want, we have an idea what it looks like, so we expect what we envision.

Sometimes, though, what we desire shows up in seed form. It looks nothing like what we envisioned. The dream job, the wonderful relationship, the traveling ministry… whatever you want you will receive in seed form. Even prophecy that declares great things will be delivered to you as a seed.

People often reject the answer to their prayer because they were expecting “wow” and “not now” shows up.

God moved my husband and me to Detroit. All my ministry invitations were meetings in basements, living rooms. It bummed me out a little until I read that David lived in a cave even thought he had been anointed King of Israel. His group of supporters met there with him, and grew into a mighty fighting army.

Don’t quit during seed time. Keep tending your garden. The guaranteed harvest will come.