Don’t Let Your Feelings Guide You


Don’t Let Your Feelings Guide You


Ok everybody, altogether now, “but Barb, what’s wrong with feelings.?” I’m about to show you.

Isaac is about to make a big mistake based on feelings. Feelings move our heart strings. But so does faith. One is emotional, the other is spiritual. Isaac is about to be deceived into giving all he has to his imposter of a son, Jacob. He says, “the voice is Jacob, but the hands are Esau.”

Duh! Red flag!

This is what is called conflict and confusion. God didn’t cause this, but will eventually use it to advance His kingdom. Isaac, however going by feel and not addressing the conflict, blessed Jacob. Going by feel can lead to deception. We can become feeling junkies. Shopping, relationships, jobs all can be feeing driven.

What about when feelings change?

We feel let down, discouraged and wish we hadn’t done what we did through emotionalism. Your spirit man has enough emotions to satisfy your weary soul: peace, love, joy to name a few. Seek godly satisfaction. You won’t be deceived.