Increase Your Expectation of Good


Increase Your Expectation of Good


Boy, there’s enough gloom and doom being spoken. In every quarter there is fear, anxiety, wondering. Things that we obtained by barely praying seem to take a tug and pull just to get partially done. Even though there may be labor involved we cannot decrease our expectation of good. In fact the Lord told me to tell you to INCREASE your expectation of good.

It may seem very dark and bleak at times but we still must expect good; that’s all God has for us. That will send the devil packing! He likes to tell us it’s our fault things are the way they are when actually he’s the perpetrator. He does it to get us to lower our expectations. He wants us to be thankful to barely have enough.

But God only has abundance with your name on it! Lots! Mucho! Beaucoup! Let’s reset our minds. If you’ve been expecting good, expect more. Every day all day long, nothing but good. And watch God perform the good He has stored up for you.

More good!