He Has Made Us Accepted in the Beloved


He Has Made Us Accepted in the Beloved


I like the thought of acceptance. But I’m thinking my definition falls very short of what God actually has done. When something is acceptable it can be anything from barely qualifying, good, okay.

Not exciting.

But think again about what God has done. He has qualified us to be included in His family as He has Jesus, His beloved Son. The word translated “accepted” also means to make well pleasing, charming, lovely, agreeable. It means to pursue with grace and compass with favor; to honor with blessings.

God has bestowed such lavish blessings upon us because we are well pleasing to Him. His grace did that. His marvelous grace. He has made us beautiful, irresistible… His beloved. We are the ones His heart longs for. Accepted to the maximum. That’s what our God has done.