Know What You’re Looking For


Know What You’re Looking For


Jesus has performed many healings and miracles, yet the Pharisees ask Him to give them a sign that He is from God. He tells them evil people seek signs.

Wow! What should we seek?

We should seek to believe. The problem the religious leaders had with Jesus is that they refused to believe He was the promised Messiah. They hardened their hearts and rejected the obvious truth.

The few who did, did so out of desperation: the ruler of the synagogue, Jairus did so because his only daughter was dying. Nicodemous came at night asking questions because he was ashamed to be associated with Jesus. Because the Pharisees refused to believe, they kept taunting Jesus with demands for more proof that He was sent by God.

Signs and manifestations will always follow the word of God. The wise add their faith to what they hear and reap the benefits.