I Suggest You Get Happy… That Guy Ain’t Gonna Bow


I Suggest You Get Happy… That Guy Ain’t Gonna Bow


Haman has just been promoted. He’s enjoying his reward. I’m thinking there’s a pay increase, new clothes, a seat of honor, hot and cold running servants. Everybody bows when he comes in. Everybody except Mordecai, the Jew. His God forbids him to bow to anyone and he obeys God, not man.

So Haman is a pretty happy guy until he sees Mordecai. His day is ruined. The smile leaves his face. You ever get like that? You have the joy of the Lord until you get around certain people or you think about certain things that have happened to you. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can maintain joy even in adverse situations. We need to learn that, because we have no power to change people or circumstances, but we can change US. This type of attitude is a trick of the devil to ensnare us and keep us bound.

Haman found that out. In a rage, he plotted to kill Mordecai and was hanged on the very gallows he had made for him. Some things won’t bend or bow to your liking… don’t let them destroy you.