No Thanks. I’m Renewing My Lease


No Thanks. I’m Renewing My Lease


God’s covenant with Israel included possession of a land called Canaan. It was flowing with milk and honey… not a hard land like Egypt. What a gift.

After spying out the land, 12 family leaders give a report. Two leaders want to obey God and take possession of their property. They believe God; He is with them and the enemy will fall. Ten leaders decide they don’t want ownership, they want to renew their lease in the wilderness. They continue this pattern for forty years. They all die. From fear of ownership. God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. We must take possession of them by faith.

Faith is a fight. Just like the Israelites had to fight the inhabitants of Canaan, we must fight our fears, complacency, doubts and any other mountain that stands between us and the promise. You don’t want to renew your lease on the status quo. Trusting God means taking ownership of His purpose for our lives. It means calling on Divine energy and guidance and putting one foot in front of the other until the giants fall. Taking ownership means allowing God to show us how good He is. Break your lease on fear.

God’s promises belong to you.