“Queen” Is More Than a Title


“Queen” Is More Than a Title


King Xerxes is the most powerful man in the known world. 127 provinces are under his command. God’s standard is that a true leader rules his own house well. Though these people are gentiles, God’s law influences even the pagans.

The King is having a banquet that is in its seventh day. He calls for Queen Vashti to come before his guests. He loves her and wants to show off her beauty to his guests. Nothing wrong with this. It’s not a request but an order. He is the supreme ruler. Vashti refuses. She forgets that the queen is subject to the law of the land.

She cannot say no to the King. It is her duty to obey authority just like every other subject does. She is also a role model for all the women in the kingdom. As such, she must conduct herself in a manner that promotes family love and harmony.

We know the story. She’s fired, and eventually replaced with God’s choice, Esther. The king also sends word throughout the province that men must be the authority in their homes. Rebellion is contagious. The Bible says it is as witchcraft. There was nothing royal about Queen Vashti.

A title means nothing if you can’t fulfill your expected duties.