He Does It Because He Said He Would


He Does It Because He Said He Would


Do you believe? It’s hard to take God at His word. His “say so” word.

Have you ever let the devil grip your mind with feelings of inadequacy, doubt, fear? For instance, you firmly believe that God will supply all your needs…you’re His child. You take care of your children… God takes care of His. Until it takes a little time to get this one thing that you’re really believing for. All of a sudden, you are convinced you’ve done something wrong and you’re the one holding up your blessing!

You didn’t pray enough, say the word enough. You got mad at your BFF again. Oops! Forgot to read the word… again! You’re a hot mess and you hope God doesn’t notice. It’s time to Holy Ghost slap yourself back into the spirit.

We forget that faith is based on God’s word ALONE!!! He will bless you because He said He would. Your test is to believe it will come in its due season. Instead of beating yourself up, just realize it’s not time yet. The test of time is one we must all pass.

But above all, remember you serve a God who keeps His word. His “say so” word.