What Time Did You Say Your Appointment Was?


What Time Did You Say Your Appointment Was?


There is a time to get, to obtain or receive what we’re believing God for. Yet many are disappointed that what they requested has not happened. Tell the truth, before you met God, you waited, worked, connived, plotted, did everything you could you get a little something. Now that God is your source you’re angry, frustrated, disappointed.

God asked me many years ago how I could be disappointed when I never had an appointment. God seldom gives us a specific time for the delivery of His promises, so how can we think it’s taking too long, or it’s too late?

His promises are more on time than FedEx. He makes the appointment before the foundation of the world. I’ve seen people who once served the Lord with joy and gratitude drop out of church and not return. They say somebody treated them wrong, but not so. True Christians forgive, learn and keep serving.

If disappointment caused you to drop out of following the Lord, know that whatever you think you’re supposed to have is still waiting for you. Your appointed time is yet to come.