Is God Just Along for the Ride, or Is He in Charge?


Is God Just Along for the Ride, or Is He in Charge?


The disciples and Jesus are taking a boat to their next destination. As they travel, they run into a severe storm. The boat begins to fill up with water, but Jesus is asleep on a pillow in the hinder part of the ship.

Let me just say this: When your faith is in God, it faith passes judgment on unbelief. The disciples quit believing that they would make it safely to the other side. They were afraid and angry at Jesus that He was peacefully sleeping, trusting the Father. They woke Him up and accused Him of not caring that they were going to die.

Guess what y’all? If you die, He dies, too. Fear makes you worse than stupid. Jesus is of a different spirit: that of power, love and a sound mind. Just because He is with them, doesn’t mean They put Him in charge. If He were in charge, they would be asleep too. Instead, they’re up scared and angry instead of yielding to His leadership.

How about you? Is He Lord of everything or along for the “just in case you need Him” situation? If you surrender totally to Him, you’ll sleep through the rough times, too.