Your Faith Has Natural Enemies


Your Faith Has Natural Enemies


Your faith is a spiritual force. The natural realm is the enemy of faith. Anything you see, feel, fear, can work against your faith if you focus on it. The fight of faith is spirit vs. natural. The term “blind faith” applies here. Your spirit man must disregard the natural realm. Actually, the spirit doesn’t need any information from its enemy.

The late Henry Gruver, the prayer walker, was attacked by intestinal cancer. He received his healing by faith as he prayed to God. When his symptoms got worse, his statement was, “I refuse to give my life for cancer. Jesus already have His life for it. I am healed.” A group of believers invited a doctor to try and convince Henry to go to the hospital even though she admitted there wasn’t much to be done for him; without some treatment he would be dead in 11 days. On day eleven, Henry spoke to a group of ministers at a church. In that crowd we’re missionaries who had just prayed for a man who had been dead four days, and watched as God recreated his body. They prayed for Henry and the power of God drew every trace of cancer from him.

The natural enemies of faith were put to flight. Lay hold of what God promised you and don’t let go. It’s worth the fight.