A Vision Is Just a Snapshot Without a Plan


A Vision Is Just a Snapshot Without a Plan


This current move of God has made the spirit of prophecy more available to the earth. Many receive “words”, visions and dreams from the Lord. How many ever come to pass?

A vision is really a snapshot of the future. How to get to the place of manifestation depends upon seeking God for His plan. The plan is what gets you there. The word of prophecy can put a desire in your heart to see it come to pass, but how to make it reality is God’s domain.

We must be willing to follow His lead, even when it looks like events are taking a wrong turn. David was anointed King and hunted down like a criminal for thirteen years. Joseph was headed for rulership but was enslaved for many years. Their dreams came to pass by allowing God’s plan to unfold. What’s in your heart, Beloved?

God already has a plan to insure it comes to pass. Trust the plan of God.