Of Course He’ll Do It Again… This Time Even Bigger!


Of Course He’ll Do It Again… This Time Even Bigger!


David the shepherd boy has been sent by his father to the battlefield. Not to fight, but to take a happy meal to his older brothers who are Israeli soldiers. It’s obvious this isn’t much of a war if you get catered meals. Sure enough, David walks into a scene that makes his blood boil: Goliath the Philistine is taunting the army of Israel, all of whom are sitting on the sidelines shaking with fear. David begins to engage conversation of some soldiers and finds that they are all afraid of Goliath… but he isn’t.

Know why?

He knows a spiritual secret: God will do it again. Why don’t we all know that?

You know how it is: we face another situation; we pray our prayer; we wonder if we’re heard. Here we are needing the same thing we needed before. Doubt creeps in and shakes us. Why is it taking so long?

Up until God shows up, we have mental bombardment. But David knew something. He knew how to get God to move on his behalf. He invited God unto the battle with his WORDS. He told the soldiers, who told the king that he would fight the giant and kill him just like he killed the lion and the bear. David knew God never changes. He performs His word. If He fought for you once, He will do it again. If He opened one door, He will open another. Over and over again, but you need to say it and expect it. He never fails us. Let’s act like it.