The Habit of Condemnation


The Habit of Condemnation


The Christian life is one of renewal, restoration and walking in the liberty and freedom Jesus purchased for us. Freedom includes freedom from judgement and condemnation. To condemn someone means to judge them as guilty or irreparable. That’s not us… the blood-bought.

Yet, many of us struggle from time to time with guilt, self judgment, feelings of inadequacy and the like. I think it’s because condemnation is a mental habit. It’s is part of the old man’s mentality. Example: You make a mistake with your bank account and run short of money. Overdrawn. Your mind proceeds to give you a whipping, “I told you not to buy those shoes… but you just can’t do right” or you slip off your diet… “look at you… did it again. You won’t get them pounds off like that… ”

We all have a built in judge, jury and executioner living rent free in our heads. Before you take your perp walk to your prison cell, consider this: there is no condemnation to the blood bought who follow Christ whole heartedly. No condemnation. Don’t let the old man beat you down. Rise up! Repent and get into the mind of the Spirit of God.

Though the righteous fall, we are never utterly cast down. I hear chains falling off.