Faith Takes No Thought


Faith Takes No Thought


Jesus taught that we should not worry… about food, shelter, the future. He says the heathen worry about such things. You are heirs. You have an inheritance in God that supplies not only needs but desires. God can’t wait to give them to you. They are laid up for us. He pre planned our lives to include every blessing we can imagine.

So, why worry?

Unbelief causes worry. When we think God can’t or won’t provide worry takes over. The heathen worry because they don’t have a Father who has promised them all things. We have no reason to worry. Instead, consider the lillies of the field: they are beautifully clothed and don’t worry about how to clothe themselves. God provides. When you have faith in His provision, you will not be inclined to worry. Have faith in God, beloved. The Almighty who cannot lie has ordered us to trust in Him and live worry free.