From the Palace to the Pit


From the Palace to the Pit


“Hey Barb, you got that backwards.”

Sorry. No. I think that’s also a part of kingdom living. Many of God’s servants suffer loss, demotion, lack. Abraham lived through famine, David and his mighty men lived on the run for thirteen years, living among enemies and raiding other nations to survive. Joseph had a demotion before he became a ruler in Egypt.


Our kingdom is not of this world. We’re only passing through, remember? We are also being tested in our love and devotion to God. Satan accused Job of serving God because he had only known good throughout his life. He was wealthy, had many children… the palace life. God called him on it and Job lost everything… but he held on to God. In your trial, remember what’s important: your kingdom is not of this world. Your real world is eternal.

Pit or palace, hold on to His righteousness, peace and joy and you’ve got it all.