Don’t Let the Devil Steal Your “After Faith”


Don’t Let the Devil Steal Your “After Faith”


What is “after faith”?

When we are seeking an answer, promise, direction, revelation from God, we must use our faith. We hold on until that promise comes to pass. Then we do our happy dance, high-five and fist bump even people you don’t normally want to be around… it’s all good in yo hood.

Or, suppose what we believed for didn’t come through: passed over for promotion, we’re taking longer to heal than expected, or we’ve been turned down for the loan or credit card. Our faith is still available, but too often we disengage our faith from the next step we need to take. This faith is still there AFTER the victory or disappointment. If we revert back to the natural, we can lose the momentum we gained.

What do you do?

Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift that was in him. We’re not certain what that gift was, but faith must be involved in any move we make. Praying in the Spirit, worship, praying for others… all this will stir our faith and open the door for greater, better, more.

Keep a “faith project” going… find a place on the map where Christians are persecuted and pray regularly for their freedom. We live by faith, y’all. Without using our faith, we can’t please God.