The Most Powerful Prayer Ever Prayed


The Most Powerful Prayer Ever Prayed


This prayer expressed a love never before demonstrated. Selfless, unmatched, not coerced, but agonized over and decided out of love for others than Himself. Looking upon the helpless world with great compassion, He prayed to the Father, “not mine but thy will be done.” This was the great price required for the redemption of the human race… from the highest to the least.

Everybody comes by way of the cross. The power released by Jesus’ death and resurrection satisfied the Father and caused every prison door of sin to be opened to all who believe in its atoning power. This prayer has eternal power.

From everlasting to everlasting it expresses the integrity of the Godhead… that God is love, and love is a force that cannot be stopped. Sin couldn’t stop it; hell couldn’t stop it. Pain and humiliation couldn’t stop it. Powerful. Wonderful. Blessed forever.