Don’t You Leave Nothing for That Demon to Steal!


Don’t You Leave Nothing for That Demon to Steal!


David and his mighty men have been robbed. Their camp has been raided while they were away. When David consults the Lord as to whether he should go after the thieves and and fight for his stuff, God tells him to pursue the enemy, take back his stuff… all of it! God never lets us leave anything for the devil to rejoice over. NEVER! We are heirs of the whole earth. Our Father God owns it all! When He gives us something, it’s forever! We must pursue until we recover every little bit. David had two wives… that was forbidden for a king. But God gave them BOTH back to him.


They certainly didn’t belong to the Amalekites. God would rather see us with it than the devil, any day.

What are you contending for, Beloved?

Health? Take it back from the devil.

Money? 7-fold take it back… and if he keeps it longer, charge him interest! Your family?

Make him loose his grip on their hearts; they will serve and worship the Lord. Be relentless in your pursuit. God is with you.

Nothing less than full recovery! .