With Friends Like These…


With Friends Like These…


Jairus, the ruler of the synagogue has gone rogue. He’s begging Jesus to come to his house and pray for his daughter, who is gravely ill. . The synagogue elders: Pharisees, Sadducees, money changers and the like hated Jesus. He was anointed with the power of God, was a miracle worker and drew big crowds, causing them to lose their grip on the Jewish people. They envied him.

They also threw anybody out of the synagogue who dared follow Jesus. But this man’s child is at the point of death. He must humble himself to Jesus or lose her. Jesus consents to come and as they are going a friend who has been at Jairus’ house (no doubt waiting for the little girl to die) comes up to him and announces “your daughter is dead, why trouble the Master.”

Boy, what a comforter!

The religious are like that: cold, indifferent, and mean. Jesus said they were of their father, the devil. Jesus steps in and tells Jairus to not fear…only believe. When they get to the house, the mourners laugh at Jesus when He says the girl is only asleep. This is some bunch, folks: rowdy, loud, eating chicken wings, while the parents are fighting to hold on to their faith. When it’s life or death, please surround yourself with people who choose life. Jesus did raise her up.

Hopefully it scared the religious crowd when she sat at the dinner table with them😂!