That Your Joy May Be Full


That Your Joy May Be Full


Jesus has just taught the listeners about His kingdom: a place that resides within every believer. He teaches them how to receive the best God has to offer. Why? That their joy would be full. Not their pockets, bank accounts, garages or houses but that their JOY would be full.

Can you be full of joy with little according to the world’s standards. Absolutely! Your kingdom is not of this world. As a kid, I watched a show called “The Millionaire.” A wealthy man, Mr. Tipton would give $1,000,000 anonymously to total strangers via his messenger Michael Anthony. People had all kinds of reactions, changes and problems because of sudden wealth. Of course that’s theater, but art imitates life oftentimes.

God has given us a blank check to write our own ticket with Him. When you fill out the check, make sure you expect joy.