The Light of the World


The Light of the World.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:14

♫ ♬ This lil light of mine … ♩ ♪ CUT IT OUT!

You are a city set on a hill. And you thought you only had a little light? Think again. God has raised us up with Him and endowed us with great light. How else will those who are in darkness find their way? You, Saint, have enough watts to light a city. God has made us prominent so that our light would be so bright that there would be no mistaking that we belong to Him. We do not bring confusion, we bring peace. We bring hope and compassion. These are all light forces that can be seen from far and wide. People trust us because our light gives them confidence in God. Multitudes followed Jesus because He was light. When we attend meetings that are out of town or out of the country it is because we are drawn by the light released at that meeting… we want to capture that light and possess more of it. This is the Lord’s doing. He created us to be that light. You can’t help but shine.