It Might Take All Night


It Might Take All Night


Jacob has problems. Actually Jacob is Jacob’s biggest problem. You ever been troubled by some looming problem? Bills, health, problems with loved ones? Jacob has problems in all these areas. He is about to meet his long lost brother Esau.

Remember him? The one Jacob stole the inheritance from?

To top it off, Jacob is leaving his dishonest father in law’s house with his wife, cattle, and servants. The things he greatly feared have all happened at one time! The night before this anticipated encounter, Jacob cries out to God and pleads for a blessing and actually has to wrestle the angel for it. He knew he couldn’t face the next day without God’s help. It took all night, but Jacob prevailed and received his covenant name, Israel. It means “he wrestled with God and prevailed”. This man beat up God! Thank God we have a better covenant.

So the next time problems keep you awake, keep praying… if it takes all night long, you will prevail.