The Power of Total Surrender


The Power of Total Surrender


Jesus in the garden has just prayed a prayer of what we call dedication or consecration. But I believe it was much more than that. He completely surrendered His will to the Father’s will.

Immediately after this prayer He was tested. The men stated they were looking for Jesus. When The Lord said” I am He, “ His arrestors fell to the ground. This had never happened before. A new power had come into Him. It was total power over His life but now augmented by the Father’s will.

When we surrender totally to God, we find His empowerment, not just our own. We still have a will, but now joined to the Father, we have His strength as never before. Those we admire who have done great exploits in God have this in common: His will, not their our own. It leads to the miraculous, the unthinkable, the glory.