The Scarlet Thread Protects Your Loved Ones


The Scarlet Thread Protects Your Loved Ones


We know the story of Rahab the harlot. She helped the spies of Israel by hiding them from the warriors of Jericho. In exchange for her help, Israel promised to spare her family when they returned to capture the city.

How would they know to pass over those in her house?

She would have to display a scarlet thread in her window. We all know the scarlet thread represents the blood of the lamb that caused the death angel to pass over the household. But also it is a test for Rahab. Would she trust the invading Israeli army? Would she have second thoughts about committing to them? How long would she wait for her new rescuers? Would she reveal the secret invasion to the warriors of Jericho?

Like Rehab, many of us are holding on to faith for household salvation. The blood has purchased it, but we have to prove faithful. Sometimes our faith May be as thin as a thread, but as long as we keep our eyes on God and what He has promised us, that thread is enough for Him to move.

Keep showing God your faith.