For Every Purpose There Is Time and Judgment


For Every Purpose There Is Time and Judgment


God has created us for His purpose. He created us to love Him and one another. Love causes us to succeed in everything we do. When we forget our purpose toward one another and operate in self will, we miss God’s purpose and timing. When we first meet someone, we may not be aware of the fact that we are on a time schedule in our relationship or what God expects from us, if anything.

Often, we may think to give that person a call, write a text or note. These promptings are reminders to express love, which fulfills our purpose. We may shrink back, thinking the person is too busy for us or we don’t want to bother them. But obedience to God takes faith and boldness. Get comfortable reaching out with simple expressions of caring. You don’t have to have a “word” for them. Just fulfill your purpose in the time God gives.

Love is our greatest asset and highest purpose. God is expecting us to live to love.