The Power of Grace


The Power of Grace


Grace is one of those commonly misunderstood words in the Bible. “Unmerited favor (which some think is permission to not confess sin), divine influence on the heart.” May I suggest another facet of this big word? Grace is divine empowerment. It is the impartation of strength when we are the weakest.

Paul was troubled by a persistent problem… a messenger from Satan that fought him so often that he asked three times that God remove the demon. God didn’t do it. He gave Paul his grace that strengthened him perfectly. We can say then that grace is the perfect strength of God. Grace enables us to withstand powers that used to enslave us… offenses, persecutions, disappointments… whatever the enemy has planned, grace empowers us through it.

The same grace that Christ walked in as He walked through hell and stripped the devil of his power empowers us. It is more than sufficient for every need.