It’s Got Your Name on It, but That’s Not Your Mail


It’s Got Your Name on It, but That’s Not Your Mail


King Hezekiah has been paying off King Sennacherib of Assyria. It’s bad business to bribe the devil. He’s a thief and won’t quit. Because the Assyrians are fierce warriors, Hezekiah thinks this will cancel the war they have planned against Judah.

Finally when he starts stripping the gold from the house of God, he refuses, realizing this will never end. Sennacherib sends a letter by messenger who tells Hezekiah and all Judah that their God won’t save them. Hezekiah takes the letter into the temple and spreads it on the altar and reads it to God. This thing is too big for Him. The letter belongs to God.

Soon the prophet comes with the word of the Lord. The Assyrians will not prevail against Judah. They will go out the same way they came in defeated. The next time the devil sends you bad news, spread out and give it to God.

It may be addressed to you, but the battle is the Lord’s.