Devotion to God or Fear of Rejection?


Devotion to God or Fear of Rejection?


Naomi, a widow, has lost her two sons as well as her husband. She decides to return to her hometown of Bethlehem since the famine there has ended. Her two widowed daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah, plead with her to allow them to go with her.

As a Hebrew, Naomi looks forward to the worship and lifestyle of her people. These women are heathens. At first they follow her, but Naomi reasons that she has no more sons for them to marry. Why follow? Orpah eventually listens to reason and stays in Moab. Ruth, however, vows to serve Naomi’s God.

What type of follower are you? Orpah didn’t want to experience the pain of rejection. People with this motive are not really devoted and retreat easily from their decision to follow the Lord when persecution and rejection arise.

Ruth, however, had experienced the touch of God in her heart and decided to follow Him. She vowed to God and never wavered. Emotional commitment will not make you a disciple, but a heart conversion will.