God—Not Your Following—Makes Your Name Great


God—Not Your Following—Makes Your Name Great


Abraham knew this. He refused to take any spoil or provision from the King of Sodom because he had vowed to Almighty God that he would not let any man say that he made Abraham rich. He trusted solely in the God who led him daily.

Success comes, but how do we respond to it?

We pray to God and He opens doors for us, but what do we do after we go through the door?

Many focus on what’s inside the door instead of the One who made opportunity possible. Many that God has promoted and made recognized by men focus on increasing their numbers, crowd size, adding more partners. We leave God on the outside of the door instead of allowing Him to be God IN our opportunity.

He is our greatness. We are His workmanship. Man can never do for us what only God can do.