The Lord Is My Shepherd; I Lack Nothing


The Lord Is My Shepherd; I Lack Nothing


Are you allowing Jesus to lead you?

Here’s the test… What’s your LQ— lack quotient?

Lack is really a state of mind. As you think in your heart you will eventually confess with your mouth to manifestation. When you walk with Him, you go to some really nice places. In your mind you visit places of abundance. You’re refreshed and restored. You flourish in every good thing. Your spirit becomes a reservoir of the fruit of God and has the power to restore you to life when it appears you are out of everything. Abundance then becomes your portion.

Do you have it all in the natural? You don’t have to.

Your soul has prospered abundantly as you meditate with Him. All things are yours and all things are possible to you and you know it.

Follow the Master with no reservations. It may shock you how rich you are!