We All Want New…


We All Want New…


We all want new: car, job, clothes… you name it, we loves us some new stuff. Consider that God promises us to do a new thing, but the condition is that we forget the former things.

What??? My favorite shoes, dress, earrings? Forget them? Why? What’s wrong with them? Why can’t I have them too? Well now, sounds like we want to horde… we don’t want the new after all.

God didn’t ordain us to be collectors, He wants us to experience everything He has for us, but it can’t be done if we’re resisting change. New wine requires a pliable wineskin. If we are too rigid and set in our ways we will not experience the fullness of God. God wants us fully engaged in what He is doing.

Like the adventurous surfer waiting for a big wave, we will experience a new wave of His Spirit. It’s going to be a great ride. 🏄‍♀️