The Way Up Is Down


The Way Up Is Down


Loving is serving. There is no way around this truth. Jesus tells His disciples how to be great in His kingdom You must serve everybody. To illustrate this, He washes everyone’s feet. Most of us talk more about serving than actually doing it. When we get more time we’re going to set the world on fire … but we don’t make it much further than the couch.


Our first service is at Jesus’ feet.

Once we know His heart, then we say yes to His plan. Funny thing about greatness … it doesn’t feel great, but there’s a great sense of satisfaction when you know you have served humanity in some way. Whether it’s an encouraging text or call, bringing a meal, running an errand, donating clothing, or cleaning the church, if you’re serving, you are great in God’s eyes.

Great isn’t always the well known, wealthy or mega anything.

God has the scales … He weighs us in the balances … let us not be found lacking because pride won’t let us humble ourselves.

Loving is serving.