Big Girls (and Boys) Don’t Cry?


Big Girls (and Boys) Don’t Cry?


Nobody really likes crying, but tears happen to everybody. Hurt, pain, disappointment trigger a reaction of tears. People are moved to cry by different things. Babies cry a lot. Children, less so. When you are grown, you are less easily moved to tears. You are stable and fixed. The fact that you don’t cry easily is a sign of maturity.

So what moves you to tears?

Loss, especially of a loved one. This is not a sign of instability but of humanity. How does God feel about our tears? He says they are precious seed. Tears water our prayers.

David tells the Lord to put his tears into His bottle—to record them in His book. God cares very much about our pain. He allows our tears sown to be later reaped in joy. He told Hezekiah (a big boy, even a King), “I have heard your (watered) prayer and seen your tears … I will add fifteen years to your life” (Isaiah 38:5).

Don’t despise your tears. Don’t be ashamed. God considers them precious seed. Your harvest of joy is promised.