God Moves on the Heart


God Moves on the Heart


This verse says the heart of the king is in God’s hands; He turns it any way He desires. In other words, God can control and change the most powerful people in the world. When praying for people to be saved or delivered, I would hear people say, “they have to want to change” or “God won’t cross human will.” He doesn’t have to. He changes hearts.

Isn’t that what happened to you when you got saved? Actually the will isn’t that strong because it is influenced by the heart. Satan manipulates the will through desires (heart). How else does a a loving husband and father leave his church going wife and kids for a whore? Why do we pray for people to be saved if God can’t change them? God can change them!

He speaks once, twice, in a vision or a dream to turn man away from his wicked ways through changing his heart, not the will. God changes the powerful and the powerless. Never underestimate the power of our God. He truly can do anything!