And We Know… It Turns Out Good


And We Know… It Turns Out Good


And we know, (Because He has planned our lives), that He works all things together, and it turns out good.This is an amazing thing. Think about it: the good, the bad, the ugly. The forgettable, the unforgettable. The lies, the drugs, the deceit, the hard work, the joy, the pain. Every life experience is worked into a plan determined by God’s foreknowledge and His determination to shape us into a final product called, “good.”

Hmm… Where have we heard that term before?

Oh yes, in creation it was all good. Satan got jealous and tried to change our names from good to… you name it… .anything but good. And he almost did, except God had a plan and He stepped into our lives worked it all together and again calls us good. Amazing! Even the devil’s plot works to your good. We can’t lose, Beloved!

The Master is at work in us and it’s all good.