Are You Being Transformed?


Are You Being Transformed?


All the parts are there, but they need to be put together properly. Satan did a job on humanity. Sin has damaged our souls and caused even those of us with noble intentions to fail miserably. Our best efforts wind up falling far short of our intended goals. Paul stated even after coming to Christ that he does the exact thing he hates, though he tries to do the right thing. Yet there is hope in Christ!

By His Holy Spirit, God is putting our fragmented souls into divine order. We fear less, lie less, cuss less, offend less than we did when we began this journey with Him. The transformation is in progress as long as we commune with Him, humble ourselves to Him and worship Him. He’s working on us even when we’re unaware of His presence and He’s using us to do amazing mighty deeds.

Yes, I’d say we’re being transformed. We’re not what we used to be and His glory is being revealed in us.