Your Seed Is Full Of Promise


Your Seed Is Full Of Promise


God placed seed in every living thing. It bears fruit after its own kind. The seed has no nutritional value, almost no taste, and is difficult to make a meal out of.

You get my drift?

A seed is only valuable if it is sown. It must die and be buried in order for us to know it’s true value. Seeds hold great promise. A corn seed will yield at least one stalk with many ears of corn on it. Hopefully the ears will be fat and sweet. That’s the beauty of seed sowing… we know it will yield fruit, but only God knows quality and quantity. That’s the exciting part. God decides the details.

When you look at your children and grands, know that they hold great promise. Sow the word into them and watch God increase them. When you sow labor at your job, do so with expectation of promotion and prosperity.

Expect a great yield from the smallest beginning. It is our Great God who gives the increase.