Can a Demon Open the Eyes of the Blind? Good Question!


Can a Demon Open the Eyes of the Blind?
Good Question!


Throughout the ages people have questioned the supernatural acts of God. Yet a miracle is God’s calling card. God is very secure in who He is and He wants the truth about Him known to all mankind.


So that we can know that He is able to keep His word and help us. He wants us to know where to go in time of need. Miracles are signs that point the way to our all powerful and loving God.

So why are the Pharisees questioning the miracle that this once blind man has received?

Because they didn’t perform it. God didn’t use them so they want to say Jesus used the devil’s power to open the blind eyes. This is impossible because Jesus Himself took our sicknesses, pain, weakness, deafness, blindness. He redeemed us from the curse. He shed His righteous blood to accomplish this.

The devil cannot lay claim to healing power because he doesn’t fit the bill… he’s full of hatred and iniquity and has no love or compassion. He will never heal anybody because he has no healing to give anyone.

Jesus owns healing. Satan is a deciever. Don’t be deceived.

Only Jesus owns the right to healing and miracles… and He has delegated it to us who believe.