Death Is Not the End of the World


Death Is Not the End of the World


Not so long as your have called on the resurrection and the life. Jesus plainly states that Lazarus is dead. Jesus let him die. Then He said He was glad that He wasn’t there to heal him. IKR! This is the part about kingdom business that many of us don’t like: maybe you are where you are because God has a higher kingdom purpose in mind.


Higher than healing me? What’s higher than ME??!!!

Ok let’s get it together here.

Jesus says He was glad He wasn’t there to heal Lazarus so the people could believe. Getting faith into the earth for resurrection has a higher kingdom purpose than healing, though Lazarus would be healed as well. Before Jesus called Lazarus out of the tomb, nobody believed He was the Resurrection and the Life of all mankind. Now they do. They have seen it with their own eyes. What you witness becomes a part of you. Their faith in the resurrection would be shared for many generations. It is the cornerstone of our salvation. The gospel of the kingdom begins with the resurrection of Jesus.

The higher purpose has been fulfilled!

I’m glad. How about you?