Love Is the Greatest


Love Is the Greatest


Here God ranks attributes of Himself. I thought everything about God was the same… all good. But He lets us know the superiority of love. Other attributes of God: faith, hope, spiritual gifts will all cease their availability to man, but love never will. It is everlasting.

We desire spiritual gifts, but they only work with love. If you don’t love love humanity you won’t desire a healing gift or a prophecy… not one that comes from God. With love will flow all the other attributes of God in abundance. Love must come first. It’s kind and unselfish nature makes love sought after and precious. Love will stand when selfishness gets tired. It will be here when people get tired of prophecies, houses, cars, promotions.

People who know this live in a different atmosphere than your average human being. They carry the fragrance of Christ… that sweet savor that only love produces. Pour yourself out as a love offering before the Lord. That’s when you become greater than you have ever been.