Social Media or Sacred Media?


Social Media or Sacred Media?


“Aww, Barb, do you have to take all our fun away? There’s nothing wrong with social media…chatting with friend, posting pictures of my pretty little self…”

I’m not trying to spoil your fun, but let me remind you who you really are: you are a holy nation. You know what that means? You bring holiness with you everywhere you go. You have the power to sanctify every place you visit, touch, speak into. Actually we often do this without even trying.

You ever have someone ask you to pray for them and you can’t remember telling them you’re a Christian? That’s because you’re sanctified by His Holy Spirit. God pointed you out to them. They have it on good Authority that you’re the one. So why not roll with it? You have the power to turn everyplace the soles of your feet tread into a sanctuary for your God. And that includes social media.

This may be the open door you have been praying for. As you lift Him up, He becomes real to everyone your words touch. Shalom.