They’re Singing About God and Don’t Know It


They’re Singing About God and Don’t Know It


“There is a spirit in man and inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding.”

I believe much inspiration comes from God. Lofty ideals, witty inventions, higher standards… these ideas come from God. Songs, believe it or not, often fall into this category. Many popular songs, especially love songs are more than likely God inspired. In other words, without even knowing it, the songwriter is expressing how he feels about God, even though he doesn’t know it’s God he’s describing.

I’ll give you an example:

♪ You are so wonderful
Being near you is all I’m living for.
You’re a wonderful one… ♫

Ok. You can stop singing now. 😂 We know that as a secular song, but the writer is describing how one feels about only one person… that’s God. We love humans, but not to that degree. The standard is way to high… the devotion too pure to be applied to a flesh and blood person. No human fits that description. That kind of love must be reserved for One who is Divine. And God, by the spirit of inspiration drops those words into the mind of a mortal who is trying to write a new hit song for Marvin Gaye. Why would God inspire us this way? Because He must set a high standard on love; so high that it causes us to hunger until we find the One our heart really longs for. If you’re born again, thank God you have found Him.

♫ Cause He’s The Wonderful One
He’s The Wonderful One ♪