When It Looks Hopeless, You Need “Anyhow” Faith


When It Looks Hopeless, You Need “Anyhow” Faith


It took a miracle to have Isaac, now God is telling Abraham to sacrifice his son… the heir of all his estate. I bet Abraham never thought this would happen. But Abraham has a faith working in him that not only obtains the promise but sustains the promise as well.

Abraham obeys God anyhow. He knows that God will keep His promise even if it means raising Isaac from the dead. Anyhow faith does not look at what happens in between, it just focuses on the original promise. It does not consider any bad news that comes after the promise is made.

Symptoms getting worse? You’re healed anyhow. Have debts mounted up during the pandemic? You’re redeemed from poverty. You will prosper anyhow. Anyhow faith only considers that God cannot lie and is faithful and will perform His word. Abraham knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Isaac would live; even though God gave the order to kill him, God always keeps covenant and mercy.

God will do it anyhow.