Desire, Not Covet


Desire, Not Covet


What’s the difference? God invites us to ask Him for the things we desire. There is a place in our heart where our faith in God’s word secures our desires. Desire is a good thing. It’s the means through which our joy becomes full.

Covetousness, however is desire gone mad. To covet means to allow a desire to become a lust; we are driven to possess something and have no restraint. We have no boundaries or moral input to control the impulse to possess that which we lust for. God draws the line at our neighbor’s possessions. We are not allowed to make others feel insecure because we lack self control.

Samson was taught this but didn’t obey and was unable to control his lusts. He didn’t want to marry a girl that God approved of. He wanted the world’s goods. Don’t cross the line, child of God. The devil wants to cut your hair and pluck your eyes out. Desire, but don’t covet.