How Could I Do That to My BFF?


How Could I Do That to My BFF?


Peter shooting off his mouth again. Jesus (the prophet) declared that all the disciples will betray Him this night. Peter pipes up and says,” not me Lord… those others will, but I’m different.”

I think we all have done this: over-promise and under perform. Peter has tried on many occasions to stand out from among the other 11… water walking, building tabernacles and God tells him to shut up. And here he is again being special.

Comparing yourselves against one another is a recipe for failure. Jesus tells Peter that before the rooster crows twice he will deny Him three times. And it happened. Peter’s heart was pierced and he wept bitterly. It got me to thinking… if we as believers fail God, the roosters will preach repentance, the rocks will cry out, the donkey will prophesy. This gospel WILL be preached over the whole earth.

Don’t lose your voice. Stand up for Jesus.