Flawed, but Priceless


Flawed, but Priceless


We are precious to God. He gave His life for us while we were sinners. Flawed, but He saw great value in us. Much like a diamond in the rough.

Before its value can be realized, a diamond must be carefully examined to determine how it will be faceted and cut to bring out its inner beauty.

Facets reflect light. It must be examined for inclusions: holes that are formed as the result of the extreme heat and pressure the stone undergoes as it’s formed. We are shaped in iniquity the Bible says. Life has damaged us but not beyond repair. With surgical precision the word of God cuts away all our flaws and His glory is poured upon us. We are many faceted human beings with untold gifts and abilities.

He is our light. He makes us shine. He is the brilliance within us. Only He knows our true value. But know this, Beloved: you are priceless.